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Donne Locking Tour 2015

Unlocking the Secrets of John Donne's Letters

Jana Dambrogio, Thomas F. Peterson (1957) Conservator, MIT Libraries, and Dr. Daniel Starza Smith, British Academy Post-Doctoral Fellow in English Literature and Oakeshott Junior Research Fellow, Lincoln College, University of Oxford.

20 February 2015. Renaissance Workshop. University of Chicago. Rosenwald 405. 5-6:30pm.

23 February 2015. Houghton Library. Harvard University. Edison & Newman Room. 5:30. Reception to follow. (Two of John Donne’s manuscripts will be on display).

24 February 2015. MIT Libraries. DIRC, Room 14N-132. Lecture (12:05pm)+ Workshop (2-4pm).

26-28 February 2015. The John Donne Society. 30th Annual Conference.

9 March 2015. University College London.

10 March 2015. Bodleian Library. University of Oxford.

12 March 2015. University of Glasgow. School of Critical Studies.Unlocking the Secrets of John Donne's Letters

Later Event: October 8
Shakespeare’s Letterlocking